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As an Art Educator and Artist, I believe Art gives benefits at any age. Everyone can create art work because inside every person exists their own creativity and style. 

My mission as an Art Educator is to show people how amazing the Visual Art world is, to help them explore their creativity and to support them during their journey with art.

My favorite part in teaching is the interaction with my students, both adults and kids! I find that we actually we teach each other. I love getting suggestions, feedback, and different points of views from my students. Their perspectives give me food for thought and help me grow and be better as a human being, as a teacher, and as an artist. 

What people say...

"Yulia is very organized and has a plan for each class.
Yulia seems very invested in doing a good job which makes her an excellent teacher."

Judy Riches, Guelph

"I enjoyed the classes. I would love for them to be longer - 10 classes perhaps to get more time to learn technique. It was very informative and inspired me to take risks with my art."

Ruth, Guelph

"I enjoyed the course very much. It was very helpful with developing basic techniques and gave me a good feel for watercolour."

Mel, Guelph

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