Interior Design Consulting

Currently I am working on reviving my professions as an interior designer after some time away. I have always designed my own home - it's an endless process for me! Sometimes I consult my friends about their interiors as well and provide advice. However, I feel a strong and energetic desire to help other people and I am confident we can create a beautiful interior deign for your home together . Here is how I can help you:

My idea is to connect all together my 3 passions and experiences: art, interior design and interaction with people.

I prefer to build long term relationships with my customers. I am a people-oriented person who has 20 years of customer service experience.

I feel the atmosphere of a space and have a keen eye trained by design and art practice during my whole life.  

My favorite part is to work with colour schemes, to create accent and colorful walls in a space.

I also love organizing furniture, objects, lights, art and interior decor to create a cohesive and well-functioning room.

My goal is to help people to make a right choice for them and their space. If my customers feel happy after making a decision, this is a good sign for me! It makes me happy too.

I provide a range of services in art and interior décor consulting:

  • A concept for a room and/or a house

  • Creating a furniture plan

  • Consulting about colour combinations

  • Organizing artworks and interior décor

  • Creating artworks for a customer space

  • Helping to choose art and interior décor

  • Choosing a frame for an artwork

  • Hand drawing sketch of a customer interior 

  • Additional Service - my son assembles any furniture

I do small projects too! If you need help to choose a colour for your one accent wall or organize photos/pictures on your wall, contact me. I am happy to help!

Your home is an Art Work for me!


So far I offer interior decor consulting services in Guelph. Later I am going to do that in surrounding areas, including Cambridge, Waterloo, Kitchener and Milton. 

Feel free to contact me with any questions!