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Last Update March 25

Woodstock, ON

Art for Everyone                                                                                                                      

I believe everyone can create art work because inside every person exists their own creativity and style. When you create any type of Art you relax, reduce stress, develop your right brain and creativity.
I created two closed groups for my English and Russian speaking students and for everyone who wants to get benefits from making art especially during this hard time.

I post assignments with some topics, photos, art works by different artists and support it with information and recommendations.
You create your own work using materials and supplies which you have at home. Then take a photo and post it.
I give you my feedback. We chat together and have fun!

Let's keep making Art !

Donation-based project.
Donations are accepted by e-transfer at:
Thank you for your support!

For English speaking:

For Russian speaking:

Patreon Page

I am in a process to create my Patreon Page where I am going to add tutorials and other helpful things.

You can support me and and subscribe to to my Patreon page for a small fee.

YouTube Channel

I've recently opened my YouTube channel where I am going to post different videos in Russian, English languages, hyperlapse/demo with music and do live streams. For Free!