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Block printing

This season is being busy for me. I am studying Entrepreneur program at Conestoga College, participating in a project of Guelph Arts Council, teaching, networking and etc.

I found myself learning block printing this time and it looks very satisfying for me. It is completely different process then painting and that is why it's really interesting to learn!

First, we need a design. I started drawing a bit different in my sketchbook and thinking how to cut a design later:

Step 2 - Carving:

Transfer this design on a lino. I usually redraw because want to change something. Then carve out the design with cutting tools. I've got them already, my husband did a little wood cutting one day and this set is perfect for lino carving too.

Step 3 - Printing:

For printing we need a piece of soft lino, ink, rubber brayer, a piece of plastic/glass and paper/textile. My ink is specially for textile and I use it for paper too.

Then I put some ink on plastic/glass palette, spread with a brayer, apply on my linocut using a brayer and print on paper/textile.

My first attempts to print on textile:

Block printing is really easy to learn and very satisfying to use!

Have you ever carved a lino? Would you like to try?

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