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Bullet journal fun

Today’s post will brighten your knowledge of Bullet Journals!

Let’s begin with what is a bullet journal?

A bullet journal is a mixture of a to-do list, dairy, and daily planner. This type of personal journal allows a person to record thoughts, goals, achievements, and inspirations in an organized and creative way.

Now that you know what a bullet journal is, let’s now focus on the why.

Why do people use bullet journals and what are the advantages?

The bullet journal format allows you to easily track a monthly calendar, daily log, and future log. These journals also allow you to explore your creative side, with the use of color-coding, doodling, and other brainstorming activities.

Another advantage of a bullet journal is that there is no need to invest in expensive materials and resources. With a cheap notebook, a pen, and some imagination, you can develop a rewarding planner that can help you track your progress and work towards your goals.

Now that you have the what and the why aspects of a bullet journal, we can now dive into some page ideas so you can bring your unique journal to life.

Starting with upkeeping a weekly spread, which may include appointment times, special occasions, to-do tasks…etc.

Here is an example of a weekly spread made in my video demo:

The weekly spread is both visually pleasing as well as multifunctional.

Having a place to check off tasks for each day, assists in organizing the goals you have set out for yourself. Additionally, having a positive space in your journal is very important, as life can feel overwhelming at times.

Thinking about the positives is beatifical for our mental health, that is one of the reasons I included the prompt “Highlights of the day.” To remind me of the little things that gave me a reason to smile.

Making a page or pages for your goals, can be one page or differing specific pages to fit your style. You can dream as little or big as you want!

Whatever your plans are just break them into easily actionable steps that you need to achieve, using your planner to kick start the change.

Lastly, it is a great idea to have tracking pages that can be specific to one sub-theme or have a tracking page with multiple areas of focus.

Tracking pages are very fun and fulfilling, as they broaden your awareness of what is happening in your personal life and the world. Once you have been tracking over a duration of time you can pick up on trends and patterns.

If you are interested in watching me bring my bullet journal to life, check out the link provided below to my YouTube video and enjoy:

I hope you like the a bullet journal idea and start to use for yourself!

Art Instructor Assistant

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