Sketching Course

Sketching is a good way to learn or improve your drawing skills. This course suits all levels of students who want

to know how to draw quick and accurate sketches. Whether you want to prepare for a big project or draw the world

around us, sketching is a great way to express yourself.

Supply list


On the first class, we will be talking about materials. If you are unsure about any of the items on this list we will discuss what they are, how they are used and what you should look for when buying them.

If you already have any supply for sketching/drawing/painting, please, bring them. All these supplies you can buy in Wyndham Art Supplies or in Michaels (using discount coupons). "Derwent" brand - in Staples.


  1. Simple sketchbook for sketching/drawing, min size 5.5x 8 in. (you may find it in Chapters/Walmart/Homesense even in Dollarama)

  2. Mixed Media Sketchbook, min size 5.5x 8 in. It should be good for light watercolor washes and markers.

This is my favorite one (because paper made from cotton and it’s very good for watercolor:

  1. Ink Black Pens – Faber-Castell (or Pigma Micron, Stabilo). Sizes – S, F and B (brush).

  2. Watercolor pencils “Derwent” or “Faber-Castell” -you can buy a set or separate colors (darks, medium tone and lights).

  3. Watercolor cakes/pans/pocket sets of 12 colors or bigger. Brands - “Revees”, “Staedtler”, “Prang” or professional brands.

  4. Simple pencil HB/eraser.

  5. Sketch Markers “Tombow” - optional. You don’t have to buy it.

Class 1

Home practice:

1. Take your simple objects (1-2) and sketch them with different techniques, add colour

2. At least 1 sketch per day.

Class 2

Home practice:

1.Take 4-6 objects:

- arrange them for a still life and sketch, follow steps from our class

- sketch your own composition, your objects are just for your inspiration

2. Take your own photos of any landscape, sketch them.

3. Remember about a focal point!

4. At least 1 sketch a day

5. Try different techniques

Class 3

Home practice:

1.Sketch objects, flowers, any scene – whatever you like 3 times:

First – 1 min, Second – 5 min and Third – 15 min

3. Remember about a focal point!

4. Move from general to specific details

5. At least 1 sketch a day

6. Try different techniques

Class 4

Home practice:

1. Take colorful objects or flowers or scene and sketch them using different color schemes and limited palette

2.  Remember about a focal point!

4. At least 1 sketch a day

5. Try different techniques

Class 5

Home practice:

1.Sketch one point perspective scenes and add color:




•Road/trail with trees

2. Remember about a focal point!

3. At least 1 sketch a day

4. Try different techniques

Class 6

Home practice:

1.Sketch 2 point perspective and add color:

•Object (box shape - chair, coach, bed and etc.)



2. Try different techniques

Class 7

Home practice:

At least 3- 5 sketches:

•Cityscapes – 1/2/3 point perspectives with people, cars and etc.

•Landscapes – with people, tree and etc.

•Rooms – with perspective and people, pets and etc.

•Bring 3 photos to sketch them next and the last class.