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Art Educator | Artist
Yulia Balobanova

Inspiring people to create their own art
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I am Yulia Balobanova and I am very glad to see you on my website!

My mission is to inspire people to create their own art especially if they do not have any art experience. 

I create a friendly, cozy and supportive atmosphere for my students and explain very simply how to draw or paint.

My favorite medium is soft pastel however I practice and teach many other mediums! 

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"Everybody loves artwork but a lot of people believe that they cannot do drawing. Yes, you can! You don’t need to be a talent. You just need to learn from a good artist. Yulia is a great art teacher! I saw her work before and I was impressed. I came to her lesson first time on March 31st. I found her very welcoming and engaging, so everyone feels comfortable and enjoy having fun. As a result, you take with you a great picture (made by yourself) and amazing new experience and feelings you’ve never had before. Try it."

Tatiana Alkhov, Kitchener

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