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Learn Art in Kitchener 

In our Kitchener Studio, we teach weekly-based

Art classes, Private Art lessons,

organize Art workshops for all ages  and

run Art camps for kids 6-12 years old.

Welcome to our Kitchener Studio at 44 Gaukel!

44 Gaukel is a shared creative workplace located at the core of Downtown Kitchener. Gaukel street is closed for traffic and you can see Gaukel block where different Art events take place. The street and building look very creative! 


You can see colourful  tables with benches, tables with swing chairs, paintings on pavement and murals. Inside, the building is full of different artworks. All done by different artists including tenants of the 44 Gaukel creative workspace.


Besides the building we have a big parking lot which is free after 5 pm and on weekends. Location is wonderful!  We are very close to the City Hall, all local restaurants, stores and beautiful Victoria park!

On the second floor of the building Yulia has a small studio where art instructors prepare for art classes / art camps and store all supplies.  In her studio, Yulia also has her landscape collection which are available for sale.


For art classes and workshops we use 2 class rooms on the second floor - a big one with a sink and a smaller room. 


For art camps we always book 2 spaces - a huge exhibition space on the first floor and a big classroom on the second floor,

because art campers need more space for the whole day. 

We also use the first floor space for our student's pictures exhibitions. 

We are happy to teach students in this creative environment and be a part of this amazing community of artists.

What we offer:

Art Classes in Kitchener


We organize weekly group-based art classes for all ages during the school year. Brynn and Katy teach art classes for young kids 6-11 years old. Yulia teaches a group for experienced young artists 8-12 years old, teens 12+ years old and adults. 

Adapting our approach to each student, our team creates a cozy and relaxing atmosphere where every student creates a beautiful picture following accessible step-by-step instruction. ​


We combine academic and creative approaches with a variety of mediums: graphite, colour pencils, gel pens, markers, charcoal, dry and oil pastel, watercolour, gouache, acrylic, oil, mixed media, paper/fabric collages, model clay.

  • Learn art fundamentals, different materials, and techniques
  • Try one class, if your child likes it, register for a session - read here to see how it works
  • Purchase a session of art classes as a gift, or buy a gift card
  • Each session is different!