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Learn Art in Guelph

In Guelph Yulia teaches Art classes,

Art workshops and

private lessons for all ages

by herself in her home studio. 

Welcome to my home studio in Guelph!

My home studio is located in the South end of Guelph in the beautiful neighborhood of Westminster Woods, just on the corner of Gordon street and Clairfields dr.


The studio is bright and cozy. It’s decorated with my drawings and paintings. Currently you can see my latest collection of flowers done by different materials - wax, oil and dry pastel and oil paints as well. 


What I offer in Guelph:


Art classes in Guelph


I teach weekly group-based art classes of all ages during a school year - kids 6-8 and 9-11 years old, teens 12+ and adults.

Groups are small - 4-6 participants. 

I also teach homeschoolers in my studio or your place.

I combine academic and creative approaches with a variety of mediums: graphite, colour pencils, gel pens, markers, charcoal, dry and oil pastel, watercolour, gouache, acrylic, oil, mixed media, paper/fabric collages, model clay.

  • Each session is different!
  • Learn art fundamentals, different materials and techniques
  • Purchase a session of art classes as a gift, or buy      a gift card

Art workshops in Guelph

I host Art workshops for all ages. Everyone paints the same picture and takes their artwork home at the end of the night. A great way to relax and learn something new. All the materials are provided and no experience is required. Participants learn the painting medium and techniques and create a beautiful picture following mys step-by-step instructions.  


Private art events are available - team building, birthday parties,  family/friends gatherings, and date nights.

Contact me with all your preferences and wishes.

I can accommodate up to 8 people in my home studio or  come to your place in Guelph.


Private lessons in Guelph


I teach private lessons:

  • It's an amazing  gift for your loved one or for yourself

  • You would like to draw/paint something particular with a medium which you really want to try

  • Your child wants to prepare a portfolio and need some help

  • You may also buy a gift card for a private lesson

Contact me with all your preferences and wishes.

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