About Yulia B
Experienced Art Educator and Artist with professional education and decades of personal learning and creating.
Yulia Balobanova

I have been teaching art since 2015 and my mission has always been to inspire people to create their own art, especially if they do not have any previous art experience. I truly believe that everyone can do art with the right guidance. And with simple materials that you probably already have in your home! 


I have been painting and drawing since childhood, and completed my professional art education at a reputable Design School in Saint Petersburg, Russia. I worked in interior design for many years, and also designed custom furniture for clients. Now, my passion is teaching art to children and adults and inspiring people to be creative. Art can be relaxing, help you express yourself, and you always learn something new. I am making art accessible to people so anyone can try their hand at painting, drawing, or sewing.   


I focus on creating a friendly, cozy and supportive atmosphere for my students and explain very simply how to draw or paint. Participants come away from the workshop or art class with a beautiful final picture. I’ve taught art classes to young children of 5 years old, to private groups of adults, and to seniors, who all enjoyed the experience!


My favourite medium is pastel however I practice and teach many other mediums! I am inspired by nature and love to share this passion with you in the pictures we create.

Assistant Teacher & CO-OP Student: Brynn

My name is Brynn Kirbyson and I am excited to share with you that I will be working alongside Yulia this winter season as an assistant art instructor. I will be assisting Yulia throughout the next few months with her digital platforms as well as helping instruct art classes. I adore working with people of all ages, but I definitely have a soft spot for working with children. I have a background as a kindergarten assistant and camp counsellor and have found myself passionate about becoming a positive role model in children’s lives. 


I am in my second year at the University of Waterloo majoring in Fine arts with a specialization in studio practice and teaching. I am passionate about the arts and have been since the day my grandmother introduced finger painting to me at her kitchen table at the age of four. Ever since then, creating artwork has been not only a hobby of mine but a mental health outlet. My favorite media to use is acrylic paints, but most recently, I have been exploring fabric painting. I now have a few custom-painted jeans that I enjoy wearing to express my creativity as wearable art. 


I am incredibly thankful to have the chance to work with Yulia and continue to further my knowledge and skills in fine arts instruction.