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Materials and Care

In my shop you can find art works made by different types of pastel - dry, oil and wax pastel and oil paints.

Pastel artworks are made on paper, oil artworks are made on canvases and wood panels. 

I use only professional quality materials, archival paper  and proper prepared canvases and wood panels which means that art works can live forever if they treat well by collectors.

For most pastel artworks I am able to offer a minimalistic aluminum IKEA frame with a plastic instead a glass Gold or silver finishes are available. Some dry pastel art are framed with a glass, the frames is white.

Pastel art can be purchased without frame, with mat or not. It's easier to ship.

Let me know what you prefer!

Wax pastel art is not sensitive to touch however do not rub a surface of an art work. 

Oil pastel art has a bit oily surface so don't rub a surface of an oil pastel art. 

Dry pastel art - careful handling is a must.

Oil art - not sensitive to touch, just gentle dust it when it's needed, ready to hang!

Pastel art:

Do not touch the painted surface. Putting fingers or other items on top of a pastel work or allowing it to be rubbed or flexed will damage the surface. 

I wrap a no frame pastel art  around with a glassine paper, please keep a glassine paper on a work until framing.

I usually use standard sizes paper for my art works to frame them easy. So you can buy a standard size frame and do it yourself. It's a good idea to use a mat. 

I provide framing tips, feel free to ask!

If you are not sure how to do framing, go to your local frame store.

Do not hesitate to contact me if you have questions.

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