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Art Commissions

I am happy to create a custom artwork for you, your company, your home, or your office!

I specialize in landscapes, cityscapes, architecture, flowers and botanical illustrations. See my Gallery.

Why would you want to hire an artist? Here are some reasons:

  • You have many photos from your travels and want to transform your favourite memory into an original artwork, hang it  in your home and enjoy it every day remembering, your adventure.

  • Your house is your "home, sweet home" and you want to have a portrait of your beloved house. 

  • You love Nature! That's why you would like to decorate your home with an original artwork with a beautiful landscape.

  • You love flowers! You want to illuminate your room with an artwork with wonderful colourful flowers.

  • You love colours! You would like to have a colorful artwork at your home or office and enjoy it every day.


The artworks I create can be individual (one picture), or a set (2 or more). I can also help you create a composition on your wall, if you would like a set of artworks.

Why would your company hire an artist? Here are some reasons:

  • You want to decorate your office with original artworks and you have special requirements about that.

  • You need to have illustrations about your company in order to show your products or services to your customers.

  • You would like to have illustrations for your marketing materials.

  • You need to put illustrations into your web resources.

Please, contact me first if you need illustrations for marketing materials or web, not original artwork.

Why would you want to hire me? Here are some reasons:

  • I am a responsible, organized and punctual worker.

  • I am a people oriented good listener about your wishes and preferences.

  • I am a creative person who has a keen eye and loves color combinations.

  • You get your artwork carefully done with professional supplies only.

  • You have an interior designer at the same time who can look at your space and recommend what kind of artworks suit perfectly and also help you to frame your original artwork and to arrange your artworks at your space.

How it works?

  1. You contact me using the form below with a list of your preferences.

  2. We discuss about your future artwork: size, theme, colours, medium (pastel or watercolor) and style.

  3.  If you need my advice about your space where you are going to hang an artwork, please let me know.

  4. Pay 50% of the whole price (deposit) of a commission artwork  via email transfer/cash/cheque/Pay Pal.

  5. I draw a preliminary sketch, choose colors, do a small colour study and send this to you to approve.

  6. After your approval I paint an artwork. You pay the other 50%. 

  7. Minor changes are available after finishing. 

  8. If you need to get my advice about framing let me know.

  9. You enjoy your original artwork at your home or office every day!

Time frames for an original watercolor or pastel work

After 50% payment, it can take around 1-2 weeks to finish artwork. 

Prices for an original watercolor or pastel work:

At the moment, I offer 2 sizes. They are standard sizes which is easy to frame with a reasonable price. 

8x10" - $200

12x16" -$400

If you need a different size feel free to contact me.

Please, contact me first if you want a mixed media sketch or botanical illustration.

Your Artwork is very important for me, if you enjoy it I feel happy!

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