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Sold higher than I expected

My Tulips which I painted last year and framed by myself sold higher than I expected!

It's a great story, I am very happy about that and want to share it with you.

Tulips (pastel on paper)

This was one of my favorite piece. I painted it with one breath and I was happy about result. First, I framed Tulips in the simple Ikea frame.

Tulips framed in Ikea frame

It was simple and nice. But after I found in the thrift store very beautiful frame. I believe it fitted to my Tulips perfectly!

Last week mom of my one student saw the Tulips on the wall of my corridor because decided to do Art Gallery at my home. She loved tulips but thought it was very expensive because it's original work. It was surprise for her it's affordable price and she felt she wanted to pay more.

I am happy that she purchased my favorite art work and she can enjoy Tulips at her home!

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