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Art Picnics

Summer is here and hopefully we are coming back to normal life with some new restrictions. After 3 months of teaching online I've got an idea to organize a new format event - Art picnics. Outdoor with fresh air, somewhere in a beautiful park, cozy and quiet place - it's a great environment for creativity!

With social distance and not more than 10 people.

We’ve already tried it in Kitchener in Pioneer Tower park last week and it was awesome! With kids we painted an eagle with a soft pastel. Actually you can watch eagles, hawks, turkey vultures there and even we saw a giant nest of osprey.

Next event there was an Art picnic with adults and I had lovely ladies! We painted the Tower, socialized, and ate delicious dessert which I bought specially for our picnic and had fun! We spent gorgeous time together!

Do you want to participate? More details here

Feel free to contact me!

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