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Art with Music

In today’s post, you will be learning how to combine your love for music with your love for creating artwork, and how doing so is beneficial.

I experimented by drawing while listening to three different songs. The songs were all different genres, rhythms, and beats. When listening to them they evoked feelings within me so I put those emotions down on my page in a drawing.

The first song was intense and jarring:

The second song was very calm and relaxing:

The third song was upbeat and lively:

By using the same two colours it makes it easier to see the distinct differences in the emotions evoked and compositionally visually appealing as the group of them create a set of work.

This activity is perfect for all age groups and skill levels. It is beneficial for children to draw and really listen to music at the same time because it introduces them to the idea of the interplay of senses. Older ages can benefit by letting out built-up feelings in a healthy and therapeutic way.

To watch my experimental process watch my youtube video by clicking this link:

Follow along with your own paper and markers to see how the music guides you as you draw!

Take care,


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