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Art workshops in Waterloo

I did it! My Art workshops in a new space in Waterloo were great!

It was very exiting for me because I rent a space for the first time, I need to organize everything, think about all details and teach. Teaching process should be fun and interesting and I should be a full of energy.

I was nervous before and I felt tired from that. When I realized that I used a few techniques to relax myself and it helped. Awareness is half the battle!

The space is beautiful and very atmospheric! This is a basement of a heritage home - Brubacher house. Mennonites used to live there and in the basement there was a summer kitchen - that is why walls made are rocky, floor made from bricks and there is a big fireplace. It' walk out basement and it's convenient for people to come in. On the first floor there is a museum and on the second floor young couple with a baby live and look after the museum. I love this space and happy to teach there!

This is a video where I show the space and tell in Russian the same story which I already mentioned above:

Originally goal for my Art workshops in Waterloo is to support Russian language through Art Education because we have a big Russian speaking community in Kitchener-Waterloo-Cambridge. That is why I did 3 workshops - 2 for kids and 1 for adults. Later I am going to attract other people in Waterloo region not only Russian :).

With a group of kids 9 years old and older we painted Northern lights with pastel on black sandpaper ad talked about nature of this amazing phenomenon.

Then I did a pastel workshops for kids 5-8 years old. We painted a winter barn and talked about a difference between barn and house, learnt how to mix colors and blend them on paper. At the end participants created their own story on the the farm:

The third workshop was with adults and we painted winter cat tails. We were lucky to have fire an the fireplace. It was very warm and cozy:

Next workshops for Russian Community will be on February 29th. Looking forward to teaching them and meeting all participants!

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