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Canada Day Card Tutorial

With Canada Day just around the corner we've decided to make a simple card to celebrate Canada's 157th birthday, here's how we did it!

You begin with folding the paper to make it a card and make sure you draw on the front,

after setting up the paper you start with drawing the number 157 at the top of the page, but make sure to leave a little space above it.

Secondly you'll want to draw a blank flag underneath the number, you can draw it flat or curving, whichever you prefer.

add a semi circle above the flag in the top left corner, this will be the ball at the top of the flag pole, then, draw in the pole itself by making a straight rod come out from below the flag, try to line it up with the ball above.

Next, you're going to draw in the Canadian flag, adding in the borders on both sides and the maple leaf in the middle, follow the steps to making the maple leaf if you're having trouble drawing it.

After the flag is finished we're going to draw party poppers at both sides of the number, draw a square like shape without one of the sides for the part popper, you can make whatever pattern you'd like for it, I chose to do stripes.

then, draw confetti coming out of the party popper, you can do that by drawing small simple shapes like squares, circles and triangles.

Do that on both sides of the number and don't worry too much about it being symmetrical.

Once we're finished with the party poppers we are going to write "Happy Canada Day" under the flag, make sure fits across the page without getting cut off anywhere.

When everything's written down we're going to make a bubbly border around everything.

last step is to colour everything however you'd like, I chose to use red white and pink with orange for the flag pole but you can pick whatever colours you'd like.

and you're done!

Now you're all set to celebrate Canada's 157th birthday on July 1st!

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