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Discoveries of 2019

Goodbye 2019!

This collage is about my brightest moments of the year:

I started to do Art workshops for the Russian community in Guelph, Kitchener, and Waterloo. The very first workshop was about painting a pastel lighthouse and my 6 years old daughter's picture is my favourite one! Actually, her lighthouse reflected very well my inner condition in the Spring and Summer 2019. I didn't paint a lot, however I did many experiments - trying new techniques with pastel, creating collages made from paper covered with acrylic textures, studying oil painting on paper, charcoal tonal values and finally block printing on textile which helped me to survive the busy time in the Fall. I've come back to school and studied with the Entrepreneur program at Conestoga College and the Business Center in Guelph. At the beginning it was so hard to make my brain work and understand "business stuff":) however, it was getting better and during winter holidays I miss my school and looking forward to coming back in January. The middle of November for me is usually a milestone and every time it is a surprise! Why does it happen on the 15th of November? It looks like a miracle! Actually, it is the result of huge work inside. After a tough 6 months of searching, thinking and working on myself, finally I had an insight about my job/business right direction - such a relief! Thus, the first discovery of 2019 - only after long and hard, invisible work on our brain and soul, deep inside us, we can get a result. It can take months or even years. Don't stop looking for yourself and caring about yourself! After decision making in November, I started to feel strong mentally and physically. In Russian, we use Latin phrase "Mens sana in corpore sano".

It means "There is a healthy mind in a healthy body". I've realized recently vice versa "Healthy mind makes a healthy body" works too!

The second discovery of 2019 - when you feel strong, you are able to do a lot in your life without pressure or tiredness and with pleasure! The third idea - it is not a discovery, every time I realized that when I lose a balance as a woman who has a big family and a person who really loves her job. To keep a balance between both important parts of my life is really hard. I believe all moms feel the same! That's why I want to wish all people in 2020, especially women, to - care about yourself ↔️ be strong ↔️ keep balance ↔️ enjoy your life! Happy New Year!

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