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Doodle in December Art Challenge!

It's almost December! And that means that the holidays are right around the corner, so what better way to celebrate than with being creative? We know that getting inspiration for art can be tough— but we've got a little something to propose to you!

We've come up with a super fun challenge for the month of December, where everyone can join in and engage in art by completing one simple doodle per day, based off of the prompts we offer! This is a good exercise to get your creative juices flowing, and an excellent idea if you're looking to improve your art skills over the winter holidays. Wondering what these prompts will look like? Well, here they are!

So how does this challenge work? It's simple! For 30 days, you can use the words offered here as guides for your artwork, and, on each given day, can come up with a quick and simple doodle based on how you interpret the prompt! There's no rules, so approach this challenge in whatever way you'd like— that's what art is all about, after all!

Once you've finished your doodle, tag in your stories or post to show off the amazing work you've come up with— we always love to see everyone's pieces and what fun creative things they've thought of!

We hope that you'll take part in our fun little challenge to you! At the end of every week, we'll be posting our own interpretation of the prompts so you can get some inspiration if you are stuck, or simply if you are curious to see what this is all about. Happy holidays, and we can't wait to see everyone's work!

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