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Easy Art Activities for Kids on Off Days

When it comes to days off with kids, it's often the question of one thing: how can we keep the kiddos entertained? Thankfully, art is a great way to put some fun in the frequently mundane flow of break times! Here are three awesome activities to spice up any off days!

The first fun activity is called the polka-dot tree. This is a quick and simple activity that both little ones and adults will love! You can even collaborate with your child to create a wonderful forest of colourful trees!

To begin, start by drawing lots of little circles of different colours, and overlapping them to make a sort of little circular bundle. Experiment with the placing of the circles and different mediums— you could even try fingerprinting for a fun twist! At this point, your project might look like this:

Once you have created your little colourful bundle, we can start turning it into a tree! To do this, draw a little squiggly line in the middle, going down. Then, going off of this main line, draw other lines, and lines going off the those ones to finish your tree look! Your final product might look think this:

The next activity is called exquisite corpse, and is a great way to involve the whole family in a fun game! To begin, take a piece of paper and fold it into three parts. The goal of the activity is to pass this paper around, and that eval player draws one part of your drawing's body, without looking at what the previous player has draw.

The first player will begin by drawing the head of the drawing on the topmost fold of the paper. Then, fold it in the back so the next player does not see it, and pass it around.

Then, the second player will continue the drawing by drawing in the character's body, without looking at what the previous player has done. Then, they will fold their part of the paper in the back, to hide it from the last player.

Lastly, the final player will draw in the legs, still without looking at what was done previously.

Once everyone is done, unfold the paper to see your collaborative creation! Your final project may look a bit wonky, but it's all part of the fun! There is a lot of room for creativity in this game, so have fun and get as wild as you'd like.

The last activity is one that is simple, but requires a lot of thinking, and can be as short or as long as desired. It's the circle doodle activity!

To begin, start by drawing lots of little circles all around your page, and experiment with different mediums and colours. Here are the five little circles I played around with for this example:

Once you are done with drawing your circles, take in consideration the shape and colour of each one. See what it makes you think of. If you're struggling to come up with something, feel free to do some research to help. Once you've identified something that each circle makes you think of, try drawing it on top of each dot! Your final product may look a little something like so:

Think up of as many circular things as you can, and try drawing them!

Off days can be somewhat of a bore when you don't know what to do. But thankfully, there are lots of ways to get your creativity going with great art activities! Have fun testing out these projects, and remember to share these projects with us if your try them out!

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