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Halloween Cat Tutorial

It's finally here! Halloween has come upon us, and it's at long last time to celebrate the spookiest time of year! To celebrate the coming of the holiday, here is a final Halloween-themed doodle for you to create— a cat!

To begin with this doodle, start by making the head of the cat, which can be done by making an elongated oval with two triangles on top, and little spikes to represent the fur.

Next, create the facial features of your cat. This consists of two spiky ovals for the eyes, an oval with a line below it for the nose, and lines for the whiskers! For a spooky look, try making them curly, like this:

Now that your cat's head is completed, it's time to move onto the body! To start, you will go down from the head, creating legs. This consists of a line with little curves for the toes. Connect the two front legs with a curve, so that it looks like so:

For the cat's back, draw a curve coming off the top of your fluffy friend's head. Connected to this, you will draw the back leg, which consists of the same thing we just did for the other front two!

Now, draw your cat's final leg like you just did, and draw a curve to connect the front leg to the back leg— this makes your kitty's belly! Your project should now look something like this:

What's a cat without its tail? To draw it, make a thick, downwards, wave-like line off the backside of the cat. Try experimenting with the size, bushiness, or curve of you're cat's tail to give it some extra flair and character!

Now that we're nearly done, our final step is to add some details! This can include fur, a collar, little teeth, or whatever you'd like! The choice is up to you, so have fun!

Now, you can add some colour if you wish, and your final doodle is complete!

For a step-by-step of this tutorial, check out the reel below!

Did you try out this drawing? We would love to see it! Share it with us by tagging our Instagram and Facebook pages.

We hope you tried out these doodles for yourself had lots of fun these last three weeks with these cool and creative doodles! Have a happy Halloween, and don't forget to be creative!

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