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Halloween Ghost Tutorial

The countdown continues... there are only two more weeks left until halloween! To celebrate this, have fun learn to draw is a great little ghost doodle with this tutorial!

To begin with this doodle, start by making an upside down, curved U shape with a ribbed design on the bottom. Add some little lines to make a pelted effect like so:

Make two squiggly circles, with curves on the side to add depth. Then, add a little dot to the make the eyes!

Then, to make the nose, draw another squiggly circle, with more flattened U shape in the middle. Also add depth with a curve, like we did above.

To doodle the mouth, make a squiggled, even more flattened U shape, and add depth with a curve. Feel free to draw a little smile to make your ghost friend happy, or a frown if it's grumpy. The choice is up to you!

We will then make the arms. A sideways, more squared U on both insides of the ghost will make the fabric, and add some hands, which resemble little trees! If you'd like, you can even add something in your friend's hands, like below! Be sure to check out our tutorial from last week to learn how to draw a pumpkin, as in our doodle.

Finally, we will draw the legs. Like for the arms, we will draw a squared U, but upwards this time. Onto this, you can draw feet, which look like an L, facing outwards of each other, like so:

Now, you can add some colour and other fun details, and your final doodle is complete!

For a step-by-step of this tutorial, check out the reel below!

Did you try out this drawing? We would love to see it! Share it with us by tagging our Instagram and Facebook pages.

Have fun with art during the October season! Try out these fun drawings to celebrate Halloween, and even make decorations! After all, art is such an amazing way to honour any holiday, why not get creative and have some fun?

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