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Holiday Tree Tutorial

It's wintertime, and there's no better way to enjoy this time of year than with art! In honour of this, why not make this fun little holiday tree doodle? It's extremely simple to make, and looks great on decorations or cards— the possibilities are endless!

To begin this tutorial, draw a little triangle as a guide. Using this, start at the top, and make curved zig-zag outwards on each side, like so:

To give some pine-tree details, draw a sort of squiggly line at the bottom of your triangle, and squiggly lines in the body of your tree.

To finish off your doodle, draw a stump! To do this, draw two lines off the bottom of the tree, and connect this with a curved line. Give the stump some wood texture by drawing some random squiggly lines, like this:

Now trace your doodle and colour it for the finished look!

For a step-by-step of this tutorial, check out the reel below!

Did you try out this drawing? Share it with us by tagging our Instagram and Facebook pages. We can't wait to see what you've come up with!

The holidays are a great time to do art, so why not celebrate with some fun little doodles like these? There's no better way to commemorate the wintertime, so cozy up, get creative, and draw!

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