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How to draw winter trees with oil pastel

Today I am going to sketch all together a foreground tree, middle ground and background trees with oil pastel. Watch my previous tutorial to see How to draw just one tree l. It's a pretty similar idea! today I have colors - 4 cool colors - teal, light blue, ultramarine and dark blue. In addition 2 warm colors - yellow ochre and cream color. And I have a brown paper, size 7x9 inches. And a credit card!

  1. Let’s start drawing with light blue. First a hill line and then our main tree like we did in a previous tutorial. One change is here - my main tree is not in the middle. Let’s draw!

  2. With light blue I am doing sky until the hill line and filling all gaps between branches.

  3. With dark blue I am creating a shape of background trees. With teal I am doing the bottom of the sky, then with light blue I am applying the second layer in the middle of my sky and creating a soft transition between colors. Finally with ultramarine I am doing the top of the sky and again a soft transition between colors.

  4. Let’s color Bottom - our hill. Top of the hill - with teal, then I am applying light blue, creating a soft transition, and at the bottom I am doing a little bit of a dark touch.

  5. Fun part - with a credit card I am doing scratches to create a row with thin trees in the middle ground.

  6. At the end some final touches with yellow ochre and cream color - I am creating light on the trees of the middle ground.

  7. Done!

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