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How to paint tulips with watercolor for beginners. Very simple and fun!

Quick sketch with watercolor. Tulips. For very beginners. Very simple and fun!

There are two main techniques with watercolor:

- wet-on-dry

- wet-on-wet

I show these 2 techniques in the tutorial.

First - with 2 colors - cool red and warn green.

Second - with 4 colors - cool and warm red, cool and warm green, to do tulips more interesting.

Wet-on-dry means when you paint on dry paper. In my tutorial I show how with one stroke you can create one petal, one leave or stem. Don't come back to you watercolor petal after it's done. Train your hand to do an exact movement.

Wet-on-wet means when you wet your paper first. In my tutorial I wet a shape for a tulip, then wet a shape for a leave. When you watercolor is wet you can manipulate with it. If it's dry, don't touch it.

Feel free to ask questions!

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