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Jack-o-Lantern Doodle Tutorial

The countdown has finally started! There are only a few more weeks left until halloween! In honour of this coming holiday, here is a fun little jack-o-lantern doodle to commemorate all the fun and spooky things emblematic to halloween!

To begin with this doodle, start by making a sort of W shaped curve on the top, and an upside down one at the bottom. Connect the sides with a curved line, like so:

Then, we will draw in the eyes. To do this, draw two triangles in either side of the shape. To give the illusion of depth, we will also draw a half-triangle on both of our already made triangles, so that it looks like this:

What's a jack-o-lantern without a mouth? To draw it, we will make a sort of zig-zag shape, and connect it. We also want to give an illusion of depth to the mouth, so we will draw connecters from the peak of the zig-zag, to halfway through the next zig-zag. Your drawing might look like this so far:

To give our pumpkin friend a nose, we will draw a sort of triangle shape, but without a pointy top. Once again, we will try to give an illusion of depth by making a semi-triangle inside our non-pointy-toped triangle, like this:

Now for the details! To add a stem to our pumpkin, we will draw two loops next to each other, connect them at the top, and erase the parts where they overlap. To add some extra something to the doodle, I also added some loops on the side of the stem, and some lines to give the effect of ridges on the pumpkin's body.

Now, you can add some colour and other fun details, and your final doodle is complete!

For a step-by-step of this tutorial, check out the reel below!

Did you try out this drawing? We would love to see it! Share it with us by tagging our Instagram and Facebook pages.

With Halloween just around the corner, what better way to celebrate than with some fun spooky doodles? Art is an amazing way to honour any holiday, so get creative, and make something fun!

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