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March Break Art Activities For Kids

As March break is just around the corner, many parents are looking for ways to keep their kids entertained. Thankfully, the world of art provides a perfect opportunity to engage your child in ways that are both creative and enriching. From painting to crafting, there are endless possibilities to spark your child's imagination. Here we've compiled a list of four fun and easy spring themed art activities that will keep your little ones busy and inspired throughout the break

  1. Rain art 

Whether you enjoy it or not, rainy weather is an inevitable part of spring. So why not make the best of it with this unique craft? To begin, find an umbrella template and print it out. We’ve included one below, but you can find many different templates with a quick google search. 

Next, using washable markers, colour in your umbrella. Don’t stress about perfection or colouring within the lines, as the colours will bleed with the rain anyway.

After you’ve completed this step, take your picture outside. If you are leaving it outside by itself, ensure that it is secured, a step which can be done by either attaching it to a clipboard, taping it down, or placing rocks on the corners of the paper. Then check on your painting periodically until it has achieved the desired effect!

2. Watercolour flower garden 

Begin this activity by choosing a blank piece of paper and using watercolour paints to create an abstract background of appealing colours. If you don’t have watercolour paints, try using the markers and rain technique from the previous craft to achieve the same effect. 

Then, on a seperate piece of paper, draw a number of different flowers, varying in type and size. Next, cut each of these flowers out, leaving a thin border around them. 

Finally, once the paints have dried, glue your flowers onto the watercolour paper in whatever array you wish. Now you have a beautiful spring garden! 

3. Blob doodling 

This activity is quick and easy, and encourages children to spark their imagination. To start, draw some random shapes in whatever colour and medium you’d like. These “blobs” do not have to look like anything yet, so have fun with them. 

Once your blobs are complete, take another look at them and try to visualize what spring shaped thing they might look like. This could be a butterfly, a snail, a flower, an umbrella, or even rain boots. Once you’ve decided, use a marker or pen to draw your spring object directly on top of the blob, like so!

4. Blotto rainbow 

Start this activity by folding a piece of paper in half, and then unfolding it, so there is a clear crease through the middle. Then, using paint, squirt the colours of the rainbows on one side of the paper. 

Next, fold your paper in half again and use your hands or an old credit card to carefully press it flat and spread the paint. Once that step is complete, unfold the paper to see your rainbow appear! An optional addition to this craft would be to glue cotton balls to the ends of the rainbow for a cloud-like effect.

Remember, the most important thing is to let your kids have fun and express themselves freely through art. Whether they're painting, drawing, or crafting, the creative process is invaluable for their development and well-being. So this March break, embrace the world of art and watch as your kids' imaginations soar!

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