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Meet Brynn! My assistant.

Meet Brynn! 👋

She is my assistant this Winter semester. ❄

Watch a short video with her introduction.⬆️ You’ll enjoy it! 🥰

"My name is Brynn Kirbyson and I am excited to share with you that I will be working alongside Yulia this winter season as an assistant art instructor. I will be assisting Yulia throughout the next few months with her digital platforms as well as helping instruct art classes. I adore working with people of all ages, but I definitely have a soft spot for working with children. I have a background as a kindergarten assistant and camp counsellor and have found myself passionate about becoming a positive role model in children’s lives.

I am in my second year at the University of Waterloo majoring in Fine arts with a specialization in studio practice and teaching. I am passionate about the arts and have been since the day my grandmother introduced finger painting to me at her kitchen table at the age of four. Ever since then, creating artwork has been not only a hobby of mine but a mental health outlet. My favorite media to use is acrylic paints, but most recently, I have been exploring fabric painting. I now have a few custom-painted jeans that I enjoy wearing to express my creativity as wearable art.

Brynn is a very friendly and creative person. 🌟

We’ve just started to work together this week and I see that Brynn is a punctual, responsible, helpful girl, she is very good with kids and she has her own awesome ideas. 🔥

What Brynn said about her first experience with me:

‘“My first week working alongside Yulia was very beneficial, as she welcomed me with open arms and quickly made me feel part of the team. I had the opportunity to work on YouTube videos and help instruct classes. From the first class I experienced, Yulia created such a positive atmosphere to be a part of. It is evident in the smiles on the student’s faces and the imaginative work they create, it’s very heartwarming.

I am incredibly thankful to have the chance to work with Yulia and continue to further my knowledge and skills in fine arts instruction. I look forward to working and meeting more of you in upcoming workshops!” 👋

Our address is 44 Gaukel str, Kitchener.

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