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Mother's Day Card Tutorial

Looking for a meaningful, heartfelt way to show your mom you love her this Mother's Day? If so, consider going the route of creating a handmade card! Here we have taken the effort of drawing up a sweet and simple Mother's Day bouquet tutorial for you to follow along with.

To create your card, take a piece of paper and fold it in half so that it opens like a book. The front of the card, or the "cover", is where you will place your drawing. The inside of the card is where you can write a personalized message.

Once you have folded your card, you can begin drawing your bouquet. To start, draw a few flowers of the same variety around the center of the paper. If your bouquet is going to consist of only one type of flower, then you can add more. Otherwise approximately six to eight flowers will suffice as we will add more in the next step. These flowers can vary in size and placement.

Now, if you choose, you can introduce different flower varieties to your bouquet. We have added around fifteen more flowers consisting of four different varieties, but you can adjust this to your liking. If your mom has a favourite flower, this would be a great chance to include it.

Once you have finished with your flowers, it is time to add the stems. Start by choosing a central flower and draw two lines running nearly parallel to each other. These lines should continue until nearly the end of the page, and should be at least somewhat centered. All other stems will be placed around these lines.

To complete the stems, draw more lines branching out from the bottom of the central stem and connecting to the flower heads. For an additional touch, add some leaves.

As your bouquet is now complete, we can begin with the banner. To do this, start by drawing two curved horizontal lines which span across the page, near the bottom of the bouquet. Then cap off the ends of the lines.

Next, draw two more smaller parallel lines, with the top lines starting in the middle of the ends of the banner, and the bottom lines extending out slightly from underneath. To cap these off, connect the lines by drawing an inward pointing triangle.

To complete your banner, erase the area of stems that overlap it, and then write a greeting or message going across it. We went with a simple 'Happy Mother's Day', but you can personalize this to your liking.

At this point, feel free to color in your completed drawing and add any finishing touches. Finally, don't forget to add a personalized message to the card!

For a full step by step-by-step tutorial of this drawing, check out the video below.

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