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Summer memories

Summer is usually busy, active and amazing! We say in Russian - "Summer is like a little life" and it's true.

Summer is over, it's a bit sad. However we collect moments which live forever inside us: our emotions and memories.

This summer's been busier for me then others.

I traveled by train to Quebec-city with my older daughter in June.

In July I went with kids to a camping in Pinery Provincial Park and a cottage not far from Guelph. The cottage life was great! The owner is a Russian guy who built a Russian style log house on the shore of a small private lake. By chance all Russian speaking people gathered at that time from 3 American states and from Toronto/Guelph, Canada :). It was gorgeous time for kids - they could practice Russian language, swam in the lake together, sailed on a boat, played different outdoor and indoor games while their parents were relaxing and chatting on the veranda :).

In August we had a camping to Killbear Provincial Park - such a beautiful park!

Actually I didn't paint at all, only did a few small sketches. Some of them I shared in my social media. This break influenced me positively and I came back to pastel with fresh enthusiasm. I'll share some work in the next post.

Meanwhile my friend's fulfilled her dream this summer and traveled to Paris, France. She shared her photos with me from there and I decided to create a gift for her. One landscape attracting my eye seemed perfect for watercolor painting.

Have you ever been to Paris? :)

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