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How to draw a winter tree with oil pastel

How to draw a winter tree with oil pastel. You can also use wax crayons or dry pastel.

For absolute beginners! Read about a basic oil pastel set here.

You need:

- black paper (my paper is 6x8")

- 3 colors: light, medium and darks, in my case blue shades

- white and black

- paper towel to clean oil pastel


1. with light color start to draw a hill line

2. draw a trunk and a few branches - the trunk is wider than branches

3. start to color with dark shade the top part until the hill line and between branches

4. color the hill with medium shade

5. color the top of the hill with light shade

6. with medium shade, create a soft transition between colors

7. with medium shade, color just around the trunk and main branches - press harder and be more accurate close to the lines of the trunk and branches

8. in the same spot, apply light shade, then with medium shade create a soft transition between colors

9. apply a little bit of white color in the same place and create some thin white branches 10. outline the trunk and branches with black color and draw thin branches with black color too


Have fun and enjoy!

I hope you like it! If yes, please subscribe my channel and like videos:). I have only 2 videos so far, I've just started to learn all this stuff that's why your support is very valuable for me!

I appreciate your feedback!

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