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Easter Egg Basket Tutorial

With Easter approaching quickly, you may be looking for fun and engaging ways to get excited and celebrate the holiday with your kids. Well, look no further, because today we have the perfect art activity for you.

Here is an Easter egg basket drawing that anyone can complete - it's fun and simple, and looks great as a decoration or on cards!

To begin this tutorial, start by making the shape of the basket - two slanted sides and a curved line for the bottom. This can be as short or tall as you'd like.

Then add in little lines to create straw filling in the basket. To make this easier, you can start by drawing an oval as a guideline.

Now add your eggs and some extra detail to the straw. The size and number of your eggs is completely up to you - have fun with it! To add some additional interest, you could even add an egg or two lying beside the basket.

Next, create the handle of the basket by drawing two parallel curved lines, like semi circles.

Add some detail to your drawing by creating unique patterns on the basket and the eggs. Get creative!

Finally, to complete this drawing, add some flair and colour it in!

For a full step-by-step tutorial of this drawing, check out the video below!

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