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Fantasy drawing in Kitchener and Guelph

Spring Art classes 2023 with teens 12+ in Kitchener and Guelph were about fantasy drawing.

This course was inspired by fantasy drawing creatures created by a local group of artists for 44 Gaukel building in Kitchener.

Exhibition of the drawings is located on the first floor. We observed the exhibition with Kitchener students in person and with Guelph students online for our inspiration.

There are some highlights from our course.

We started with simple shapes - circles and patterns:

Next class students created their own pattern on a square format:

Then we focused on fanatasy plants and trees. Every class students chose paper and materials. There were bristol smooth paper, watercolor paper, toned or black paper. Of course, materials depended on a type of paper.

We had a different pace of creation process in Guelph and Kitchener groups.

In Guelph we moved a bit slower and combined fantasy animal and creature drawing together. In Kitchener we were able to have 2 classes for both topics.

At the end of the course students created a series of their unique artworks.

The artworks can be a part of a student's portfolio if she/he wants to enter Art high school or colledge.

Fall Art classes will be about acrylic painting. We will study art history and get inspired by famous artist painting styles.

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