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Henri Matisse

Hello artists!

Today I will be exploring Henri Matisse, the Fausivm movement, and colour theory.

Who is Henri Matisse?

Henri Mattise was a famous French artist who was the leader of the Fauvism movement. Matisse often used pure colours i.e the primary and secondary colours and the white of this canvas to create a light-filled atmosphere in his paintings. His use of pattern and colour was very important in endorsing the value of decoration in modern art.

The Dessert: Harmony in the Red H. Matisse, Oil on Canvas 1908.

Green Stripe H. Matisse, Oil on Canvas 1905.

What is the Fausivm movement?

Fauvism is artworks that use pure, brilliant colours applied to create a sense of an explosion on the canvas. The group of Fauvism artists came to be in the early 20th-century, they were modern artists whose works emphasized strong colour over representational or realistic values.

What is colour theory?

Colour theory is the practical guidance of colour mixing and the visual effects of specific colour combinations. The colour wheel visually demonstrates the relationships between primary, secondary and tertiary colours. I created my own colour wheel in my sketchbook along with visual representations of colour theory terminology.

In my most recent painting, I was inspired by Mattisse’s painting The Cat with the Red Fish. I recreated my own version and took a special focus on colour theory.

I hope that Matisse's works and the Fauvism movement have inspired you to play with colour in your artwork more freely and confidently with your new knowledge of colour theory.

Thank you for reading!

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