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Outdoor and Urban Sketching

If you are searching for a way to get into art, or are hoping for an opportunity to improve upon skills you already possess, outdoor and urban sketching can be a great way to do so.

In this blog post, we will discuss some of the benefits of this art practice and provide you with information on our available classes which focus on just that!

Urban Sketching - What Is It?

So, what are outdoor and urban sketching? Well, outdoor sketching is a broader term that can cover many, more specific, practices. Sometimes called plein-air, outdoor sketching is the general art of creating sketches outside which depict the environment around you. Urban sketching is a more specific term for outdoor sketching that focuses on urban environments, such as cities.

The Benefits of Urban Sketching

These practices have existed within the artistic community for a long time, and many have found them to be beneficial in a multitude of ways. Outdoor and urban sketching can assist you in building your observational skills, developing a personal style, learning how to copy down information with accuracy, and improving concentration. Furthermore, this kind of art encourages you to spend time outside, allowing you to get fresh air, engage with your environment, and develop a greater appreciation for your surroundings.

Beyond this, another benefit of outdoor sketching is that it is an easily accessible art form. Although you can choose to use a range of different materials, all you need is paper and a pencil or pen, which means that anyone can do it!

Information On Our Sketching Classes in Kitchener

If you are at all interested in engaging with this kind of art, please check out our website, where we have urban sketching classes in Kitchener that are available for registration!

These classes will be open to both teens and adults and will occur during July and August. During each class, you will have the opportunity to learn about composition, focal points, and incorporating people/animals into environments. Additionally, you will have access to a range of supplies, including, pencils, pens, markers, watercolor pencils, and watercolors.

Each class will last for two hours in the evening, with one course consisting of three classes in a row. As long as the weather permits it, all classes will be held outside!

To learn more about us, check out our Instagram and Facebook pages. We look forward to hearing from you!

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