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Register to Children's Fall Art Class!

Our children's fall art classes are open for registration! With classes beginning soon, there's still time to register your kiddo to a wonderful artistic experience! But if you are still hesitant, here are a few reasons why you should sign your child up for art classes.

Art and creativity are undeniably an essential aspect of a child’s development. By providing them with a medium that allows them to explore their surroundings, art provides kids with creative expression, and a way for them to develop key skills such as collaboration, problem solving, critical thinking and decision making. Art also allows for children to learn how to express their thoughts and emotions constructively, a skill that is crucial in modern day society.

Registering your children for art classes is an ideal way to begin promoting their creativity. By providing kids with a way of supervision and assistance through their artistic projects and endeavours, you are ultimately increasing the chances of art becoming a long-term interest by decreasing likelihood of discouragement. Art classes are also a great way to get your child to begin thinking outside the box! Through projects that are curated especially for them and their interests, children can learn to appreciate art by gaining a genuine interest in it.

In our art classes for children, we explore a variety of materials, subject matters, and ideas to help stimulate kids’ interests for creativity. With new projects every session, there’s something for everyone to love! Take a look at some of the amazing projects our wonderful artists created last year:

You can see more of our students’ artworks on our Instagram and Facebook pages!

Registrations for our children’s fall art classes in Guelph and Kitchener are now open! Give your kids the gift of creativity and everything that comes with it by enrolling your 6-11 year old to our sessions! Who knows, they might just be the next Picasso!

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