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Register to Adult Acrylic Classes!

Registration to our adult acrylic classes in Guelph and Kitchener for the fall session is now open!

Whether you are wanting to explore your creative side or expand your artistic abilities, this is a great opportunity for adults of all ages to experiment with the craft of painting! But if you are still hesitant about whether you should enroll in this upcoming session, know that there are many great reasons for you to join us!

Creating and learning about art is great for anyone, and it can surely be just as entertaining and advantageous for adults as it is to younger people. Not only is it a great way to discover a wonderfully diverse new hobby, but it also has several benefits, such as improving memory and problem solving skills. On top of that, art is known to be a largely beneficial way of reducing stress, aging, and distractedness, all while allowing you to have great fun through creative freedom.

Art classes are excellent means to begin exploring the world of creativity. By allowing you to produce beautiful pieces with the assistance and guidance of skilled teachers, you can be assured that you will come out with newly acquired tips, tricks, and expertise. Art classes can also provide you with copious amounts of inspiration and desire to continue creating, allowing you to make art a long-term hobby.

In our adult painting classes, we offer a deep look at the world of acrylics to beginner artists, allowing you to become a skillful and experienced painter no matter your level! With classes allowing you to look at a variety of different artistic historical movements, theories, and techniques, you will be able to create a series of works throughout the course, utilizing your newfound knowledge! Take a look at some of the wonderful work our participants created last year:

You can view more of our participants’ artworks on our Instagram and Facebook pages!

Our Guelph and Kitchener adult acrylic classes for the fall session are starting soon, and registration is now open! Enroll today, and come let the artist within you shine!

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