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Register to Teen Acrylic Painting Classes this Fall!

Registration for our teen acrylic painting classes for the fall session is now open! If your 12+ year old has a love of the arts, or is looking to invest in a new hobby, this is a perfect opportunity for them to explore their creative side! But if you or your child are still hesitating whether to enroll, you might be wondering what this class can bring to teenagers. Luckily for you, there are several good reasons to join us this session!

Art is a great hobby and interest for teenagers to pursue. Not only is it an awesome way for them to explore their surroundings, but it is also a good opportunity for them to learn, grow, and develop important life skills, all while having fun!

In providing teens with a medium that asks for reflection, creative thinking, and patience, there are many things that art can teach young people, such as metacognition, self expression, and problem solving skills. Art is also known to have meditative qualities, meaning that it can also allow for teenagers to relax and let out the stress of everyday life.

Art classes are largely fruitful in helping teenagers develop their full creative potential. By providing assistance and guidance through projects based on creative exploration, students can learn more about their artistic skills, and get help in refining them. This encourages teenagers to continue with art, as they are less likely to quit through discouragement, and more likely to get better self-esteem regarding their abilities.

In our classes for 12+ year olds, we offer an in-depth look at the world of acrylics, allowing your teenager to become a skillful and experienced painter! Through classes curated especially for teens and their artistic interests, students will get the opportunity to not only explore a wonderfully versatile medium, but also look into different techniques, theories, and historical movements. With fun new projects every class, this is a fully immersive course that allows students to understand painting from a deeper perspective, and provides them with a basis to go forth with their creative endeavors. Take a look at some of the lovely artworks our talented artists created last year:

You can view more of our students’ artworks on our Instagram and Facebook pages!

Our Guelph and Kitchener teen acrylic classes for the fall session are starting soon, and registration is now open! Offer your teenager the gift of artistic exploration by enrolling them in our classes today!

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