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Art classes and other achievements of 2021

Another year with lockdown restrictions has passed, however it was still a busy year with significant milestones for me!

During the 4-month lockdown, I was drawing and painting my own art, doing digital stuff, and teaching online classes to my students.

In total:

  • 52 reels

  • 11 interviews with Russian-speaking artists

I taught 24 online classes;

I created 77 different sizes of drawings/paintings (not counting sketches/pictures that I created to prepare for classes).

During the 6 months of the school year and a few summer days - I was teaching in person:

In 3 cities - Kitchener, Guelph and Ottawa;

I presented 44 art workshops in total:

  • 14 art picnics for kids

  • 9 art picnics for adults

  • 5 hand sewing workshops

I taught 111 art classes in person in Kitchener!

I hosted more than 200 students and many of them are now permanent participants.

For the first time in 2021:

I would like to present my artwork for two of the most active participants as a big thank you:

Lena was the most active student that attended most of the art workshops for adults;

Mariana was the most active participant in art classes - in person and online and different workshops for kids.

Thank you all my students for the support in 2021!

See you in 2022!

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