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March Break Camp in Kitchener

Updated: Jan 29

Unleash Creativity and Fun at the March Break Art Camp

in Kitchener for Kids 5-14 Years Old!

Look at our amazing art campers last year:

A group of children who did the March break art camp in Kitchener in 2023 with their art instructor.

March Break is just around the corner, and parents in Kitchener are on the lookout for exciting and enriching activities to keep their kids engaged. If you're searching for a unique and creative experience for your child, look no further than the March Break Art Camp in Kitchener, organized by Yulia B Art Classes. This camp promises a week filled with imagination, self-expression, and artistic exploration for kids aged 5-14.

March Break Art Camp in Kitchener: Details

The March Break Art Camp is designed to ignite the spark of creativity in young minds. Led by experienced and passionate art instructors, children will have the opportunity to explore various forms of art, including painting, drawing, sculpture, and crafts. The curriculum is tailored to cater to different age groups, ensuring that each child gets a chance to discover and nurture their artistic talents.

What do students do during the March Break Camp?

Our days of March Spring Break are full of art—together with campers, we play art games and activities, and complete fun art classes with different supplies and techniques, such as oil pastel, acrylic, watercolor, and other drawing materials.

To have fresh air and get some exercise, we walk to Victoria Park and our amazing instructors and volunteers play fun outdoor games with the kids.

children and art instructor playing in snow as part of outdoor exercise time during the March break art camp in Kitchener.

New this year! Age-Appropriate Art Activities

One of the standout features of this March Break Art camp is our commitment to providing age-appropriate activities for every child.

Younger kids (5-10 years old) will engage in playful and hands-on art projects that encourage fine motor skills and color exploration, ideal for healthy development.

Older participants (11-14 years old) will delve into more complex techniques, allowing them to express themselves in unique and intricate ways and satisfying the need for a more challenging project.

Where does the March Break Camp happen in Kitchener?

The camp takes place in a vibrant and inspiring environment that fosters creativity— Creative workspace 44 Gaukel in Kitchener downtown.

For art camps, we always have 2 spaces—a huge exhibition space on the first floor and a big classroom on the second floor, because art campers need more space for the whole day. This year we have an additional 3rd classroom for teenagers 11-14 years old. Having these classrooms is great because every camper has enough individual space to comfortably create art.

Our thoughtful art instructors create a positive and encouraging atmosphere, ensuring that each child feels confident to experiment and push their creative boundaries. Art instructors provide all instructions and help the children out only when needed, letting them explore on their own independently.

March Break Art Camp: make art and make new friends!

Beyond the canvases and paintbrushes, the March Break Art Camp provides an opportunity for children to build lasting friendships. Through collaborative projects, group activities, and interactive sessions, kids will not only hone their artistic skills but also develop social skills, teamwork, and a sense of camaraderie that will last well beyond the camp week. This is a great opportunity for your children to socialize with others during time off from school and find friends with similar interests.

Our amazing team of art instructors and volunteers not only support and help campers a lot but share their own art experience and build meaningful supportive teacher-student relationships with children.

March Break Art Camp Student Exhibition

The culmination of the week-long camp is an exciting art exhibition where parents, family, and friends are invited to witness the masterpieces created by their young artists. This showcase not only boosts the confidence of the participants but also allows them to take pride in their creative achievements. Every child and teenager looks forward to the March Break Art Camp Student Exhibition!

Spaces for the March Break Art Camp in Kitchener are limited, so early registration is recommended. Parents can visit the March Break Camp link to learn more about the program, view the schedule, and secure a spot for their child. All art supplies are provided!

We offer 3 options for you during March 11-15, 2024:

  • full week

  • full day or full days

  • half-day or half-days

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Address - 44 Gaukel street, Kitchener

Full description and registration

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